July 23, 2016

It's been almost 10 years since the 13th anniversary calendar was put online and it's undergone a few changes: a brand new design layout (created from an old collage of mine called Requiem), recoded from tables to css (which it really needed), dead links and the actual calendar itself removed, and the daily posts rearranged into a chronological date order so that you can enjoy it exactly the way it happened way back then.

26 amazing artists participated. Today, you'd be lucky to find even one artist still creating XF art, which makes the collages contained herein so awesome, and yes, even nostalgic.

Once the calendar started and I was a bit short on participants, I emailed everyone I could think of that either no longer made XF art or weren't around online anymore. I received many responses and all of those collages are in the calendar. But there were some that I didn't hear back from. For two of those people, I will still post a collage. One I received as a gift, so I don't think Nokia and Ami would mind if I used it. The other is from my very dear friend Debbie and I know that she would have wanted to be here.

So if you're ready for a wonderful walk down memory lane, then let's take a journey back to The X-Files 13th Anniversary Calendar. Enjoy!