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tere 03/2005

collage You cannot think of X-Files episodic collages without this amazing artist coming to mind. She has an uncanny talent for capturing the feelings of the episodes, and you can't mistake her beautiful use of lighting. I always think of her work as delicate and paper thin, and that's meant as a very deserved compliment. Her art will always be emulated, but never duplicated... she's one of a kind!

The thumbnails below will take you to my personal favorites of her X-Files art... it's very hard to pick just one favorite, but I have always loved Will Be There. Thank you for the privilege of showing off your art, my friend! *hugs*

Amor Fati Colony DeadAlive Detour Field Trip Folie a Deux Herrenvolk Memento Mori Mind's Eye Oubliette Pine Bluff Variant The Pilot Redux II Thank You for Loving Me The Red and The Black Tribute to Mulder Tribute to Scully Tunguska Two Fathers Will Be There