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"Semper Fi was established on 26 December 2000 as Addicted To Doggett (and True Blue), and was originally intended to be a small fansite. Over the past sixteen years though the site has grown to become the definitive John Doggett and Doggett/Scully Relationship website. It is now the only website dedicated to these two subjects that remains online. This site provides fans with the most comprehensive, in-depth, and accurate look at the John Doggett character, and the Doggett/Scully relationship. Addicted To Doggett was created to celebrate the newest character of "The X-Files" who was the series' star in its last two seasons. John Doggett brought new life into the show, and was exactly what the series needed when he was introduced... new blood.

When "The X-Files" series came to an end in May 2002, Doggett and Scully had our hearts in their hands. We will never forget the memories and friendships that these two characters brought to us, and continue to bring us sixteen years after their story came to an end. Though "The X-Files" has continued its big screen and small screen adventures without our John Doggett, he remains alive and well in our hearts as fans continue to create fanfic, artwork, and fan videos that celebrate our favorite X-Files FBI agent.

I would like to state that Semper Fi will remain online for many years (a long, long time, I'm hoping). I believe that this site needs to be a permanent staple in the online X-Files community, and that Doggett must never be forgotten. I will do my best to properly represent fans of John Doggett, and give them a place to visit online where they can remember The Doggett Years of "The X-Files" and take a break from reality to enjoy everything this site has to offer. Thank you for spending your time at Semper Fi, and enjoy the site!"

(24 January 2016)

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