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On June 24th, 2016 the website known as Semper Fi will close its doors. To John Doggett and DSR fans everywhere, this will be a very sad occasion. I know how devastated I would feel if I was closing the doors on At Times... I Almost Dream. I have had several conversations with the webmistress of Semper Fi over the years, and I applaud her for all the time and love she has poured into her site. It is truly an amazing accomplishment and the site is one to be very proud of. It has been online as long as mine has... and that's sixteen years! and I really hate to see it go.

So I asked her if I could archive the artwork that she has from herself and various other artists. Artwork is special... when I first came online, I saved every collage I could find on the X-Files, even though I knew none of the artists. And now that they're all no longer online, I am so happy that I still have their artwork to enjoy. It's who they were... little pieces of themselves that they left behind for us. I only hope someone will remember me and mine when my site finally does close.

My heartfelt thanks to Cassie for giving me the honor of being able to keep these mementos of the Doggett and DSR fandom alive for their fans. Links to the artwork pages are below... whether you're MSR or DSR, they're beautiful to behold and every single one was made with love. Enjoy them!

Doggett/Scully fans can still unite and converse on Facebook and if you'd like to reach Semper Fi's webmistress, you can still her. A friend of Cassie's has since offered to archive Semper Fi so you can still find the site at doggettscully.com ... it just won't be updated anymore. For me, it's really awesome to be able to represent both fandoms here... after all, Chris Carter didn't listen to either one, did he? ;)

As for Semper Fi, its history, and what it stood for... the webmistress says it better than I can:

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