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09/2004 Debbie

thumbnail Dear Dreamers,
When I started to watch The X-Files in 1995 I was ten years old. There were no philes around, so I had been the only fan in town. I didn't have an internet account then, but I got all information about seasons and the stars out of magazines and TV programs. Since then, I've collected every image I found in those magazines and after I had a folder filled with images and reports, I had the idea to create collages. No, I did not have a computer then... I collaged the images I had cut out from several magazines! Those were the first collages I ever made and they can still fill my eyes with tears when I open this old black folder named "The Love Files".

After I got a computer, an internet account and a collage-program, I created different collages. Oh, this way was so easy and I remember sitting hour after hour at my computer playing with Photoshop 4 & 5. But it has never been the same feeling like creating real collages. I still collected images of programs and magazines then, but the images became less year after year. In 2002 I found the last small image and a short report about The X-Files in the daily post, telling every reader: THE X-FILES ARE OVER.

It brought me to tears, although I already knew this wonderful TV show had come to an end. But this report reminded me of something that raised in me a heart-warming feeling I had lost during the journey we all finished together: my folder.

After I had scanned and uploaded all the real collages to my website, I grabbed the last plastic wrap filled with images I had cut from magazines during the last few years until 2002. I still remember those great hours sitting in a room lit only by candles. I was crying while cutting out those last pieces of images, creating this last collage of my lifetime. I knew then, as I know now, that I would never make a real collage again. There are no more images of The X-Files in magazines and there is no other new TV show which touched my heart like this one. This last collage means more to me than words can ever say. And I hope it somehow reminds you of all the good times with this extraordinary series. When you view this collage do not think of the ENDING, think of the BEGINNING!

Fans of another beautiful TV show have a really sweet motto for their fan-being:   KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!

and this is what WE should do!