Five years together, Scully. How many times have I been wrong? Never ... not driving anyway. -Mulder · Fight the Future



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11/2004 Aimee

thumbnail For years my mom kept trying to get me to watch The X-Files on tv, but I guess I had something better to do. In those days it was still on Friday night. I was in high school at the time so I was usually out with my friends or playing in the band at a basketball or football game. The usual high school stuff. But then one night about five years ago, Fight The Future was on tv.

I had just returned from vacation with my grandparents in Florida and finally agreed to watch it with her. She kept telling me I was going to love it. I was skeptical. (Yes, I can be alot like Scully, lol). As it turned out, she was right. I absolutely loved it. The plot was great, the characters phenomenal. It kept me glued to the tv for the next 2 hours. Not long after that, I got my mom a video of FTF, but I ended up watching it more than she did. That summer, I watched it daily until the season premiere of The Sixth Extinction aired. I was, needless to say, hooked.

I have many favorite XF episodes, but Fight The Future will always hold a special place in my heart. I recently watched it again after not having seen it in awhile. It still brings warm memories and a smile to my face.

This show has enriched my life in ways I never thought were possible. It has brought me into contact with people like DL, Terry and Lois, who I consider to be dear friends!