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03/2005 Lily Grace

thumbnail You won't believe that I wasn't the first X-philes in my siblings. It was then my brother and my younger sister who watched X-Files before...but they have never been a fanatic fan but only a watcher. It was I who became a fanatic one. It was early February of 1999 when I started to know about The X-Files. It was when I was on the way home with my sister riding a tourist type bus which has "movie-on-board".

Having a bad eye sight and sitting at the back of the bus, it was difficult for him to guess what was on the movie not until when my younger sister and I walking down the crowded aisle of the bus towards the door to go down when my sister halt and said "Ate" ( pronounced as ah-te a Filipino word of respect for an older sister) Lily, X-Files!!! I was like huh? and I look up at the screen and froze for a while. It was the cornfield scene I was watching and to that point, I was already curious about this movie. We were lucky enough that the newest video rental in our place opened that day and we immediately paid our membership and rented X-Files The Movie VHS.

Sunday, I was watching FTF, my brother is telling me who are characters, and what they do and other things about X-Files until he said to me "why don't you rent the File No. series" (The File No. series was only locally released by an authorized production). So I obeyed his suggestion. I started with File No. 1 (that was the Season 1 ender) up to File No. 7 or 8 (that was the Season 6 ender). It was the movie which started it all... I was hooked up immediately and started to go online and look for an xphile friend. I met some cool new friends but never had an xphile friend from our country.

On the same year, I put up a small Filipino Fan site of The X-Files and that was when I met my first X-Phile friend and did a "Any Filipino Fans Here?" thread in the official forum, and it was truly amazing that we found each other. We set up a meet up and got to see each other personally. I met more fans by surfing in various xfiles related websites. We met up again and that's the time I we made a group and called ourselves "Pinoy X-Philes". We have our own website and then got our marathon....but then we changed our name to "FiliPhiles" (short for Filipino X-Philes).

Year 2003 was our biggest break for our group to be an official member of a sci-fi and fantasy circle group called "New Worlds" which held the very first sci-fi and fantasy convention on that year. What more is that FiliPhiles combined with other 3 X-Files Yahoo Groups on the net: the first XF community- The Club X Manila, The Basement and The X-Flips. We decided to join forces and finally merged into one group and I voted to put back our old name and became again "Pinoy X-Philes". Our group has been featured in our local tv, magazine and radio.