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06/2005 Sarit

thumbnail I became an X-Files fan at age 12, when my cousin (who's scared of nothing) made me (who has a scared, gentle heart) watch an episode with her. I, at the time, had a terrible fear of aliens due to watching the wrong show on the Science Channel two years earlier. Very fitting it was, that the first X-Files I'd seen was none other than Eve. Couldn't sleep that night. Long story short, I became a fan and then was hooked to the Internet, only to be welcomed by the most amazing fandom. Talented, smart, witty people with whom I could share my passion with.

I started blending after joining a mailing list called XDesign which had some of the most amazing creators around. Everything was great until I realized there wasn't even one respected X-Files website in Hebrew, for the Israeli fans, which is where I live. Way back in history, in the year of 1999, I decided to make it happen, and be the first X-Files in Hebrew webmaster around! I learned HTML especially for this task, and my first few designs were quite awful and imageless. Then, a realization hit me : I can add a blend (collage, we called it then) to my website and make it prettier!

And so I did. My first attempt was the piece I added, included with the navigation buttons and all. The website went great! A little community started wandering around, and I'd truly built and written a respectable site, filled with original information and insights. A site of the kind you absolutely couldn't find those days in Hebrew, and quite sadly you'd hardly find similar today.

The little community grew and friendships were made, and I was so proud of myself, because even a year later my website was the only original fan website in Hebrew. My friends and I even did the impossible - we met each other at a Sci-Fi convention in Tel-Aviv and were thrilled at the thought of everything we've achieved.

Unfortunately, the years go by, and other things came of my life, like school's senior year, my scouts activity, (*season9cough*), and joining the army. The Israeli philes community shrieked and my website slowly died of updates and thrills, but was always there online for all the information it offered.

Today, I'm still an avid X-Files fan but have pretty much no one to offer my site to. I'm still running my websites, all of them in English, but the taste of success in starting something that was so unique is still in my head and even to this day, I"m struggling with the difficulties of handling Hebrew on the net (there are so many you wouldn't believe) hoping to make some serious changes.

I'm convinced I will never forget my roots. It sounds strange to people, that all my inspiration is rooted in a TV show... but I don't need to explain it to you guys :)

Thanks everyone in this fandom. You rock.