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07/2005 Scooly

thumbnail I've been an X-Phile since I was 12. Precisely, because I watched my first episode the day after my 12th birthday. The episode was the ever glamorous Detour, an episode that's got in it everything that really makes The X-Files The X-Files: the thrill, the madness, the humour, the action, and of course the love!! That's why I think I became an X-Phile instantly, immediately in love with this intelligent, challenging, insane show with stunning direction and complex plot, a true jewel of all shows, sci-fi and non sci-fi. Although I have other fandoms, too, XF was and always will be my most cherished one!

I am a Shipper, obviously; it can be seen in my art, although after how the show has developed during the last two seasons, I believe in being much more of a reformable USTer. For me it would be better if the show would end after 7 seasons. I mean, the baby plot? Come on! Well, anyway.

I started collaging in late 2002 and while my style isn't completely ripe yet, through those 2.5 years it has managed to develop into something people tend to describe as "an organised chaos". My art is mostly "cut it, paste it, slice a texture, give him/her some artificial hair, and get the whole thing into some nice and/or crazy colours". I think I'm recognizable for using cut-out images a lot. It's maybe because I remember, even if subconsciously, what a collage was before anyone even thought about computers or Photoshop (collaging with paper and scissors! gasp!!). I also like to think that the chaotic nature of my art reflects the messed-up relationship of those crazy, sweet people that are Mulder and Scully. The other thing about my art is where my theme inspiration comes from. I can't do without lyrics! I always consider the text an important part of the whole piece, carrying not only a meaning, but a graphical value. The collage featured memory I want to share is a Pilot thing. Digging deep, huh!

I've always been deeply fascinated by the episode. I won't go on about how brilliant it is because I could go on for ages, as all of us could do. But watching The Pilot after knowing all the things that followed is always amazing. All the post-Pilot history gives all The Pilot looks, conversation and situations a whole new meaning. Like "Just listen to them talking, OMG they sooo loved each other from the start!". Heh. The collage is I Belong to You, with lyrics from "As lovers go" by Dashboard Confessional. The technical explanation that follows is here to help you see how I understand the very special, very early Pilot dynamics.

There's some very young MSR shyly lurking around (I mean, come on, they've just met each other a few days ago) and to show its youngness, I used small font. I also made Scully's profile stand out of the whole piece, unlike Mulder's, which is blended into the background by Multiply. By that, I wanted to show that she's something new to him, as well to his work as to his life, a blow of fresh air so to speak. At first glance she just doesn't fit. But then you see that without her the whole thing would be pale and dull. As you can probably see by now, this collage is more from Mulder POV. But Scully says something, too: "I'll be true, I'll be useful" - doesn't that fit in the show?

These were exactly my feelings while watching The Pilot for the first time - and while watching it every time after that. Early X-Files are very dear to my X-Phile heart. Very special. Especially after all the crap Mulder and Scully had to go through, it's nice to see them young and smiling and with horrendous hairstyles. Tha-tha-tha-that's all folks. I made this. Hope you enjoyed the rambling. Now go watch XF! :D  [see Scooly's Site]