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08/2005 Zatherran

thumbnail The X-Files holds a special place in my heart; one, because I found Decemberlady, and second, because it has given me back my faith that true love is possible. I admit I was not at all impressed with the show when it first came out. Feeling cheated that they offered so little information. Sad, but true, that I had become reliant on shows that spilled their guts, not leaving out the mystery. And my heart had become smitten with Star Trek Voyager. So then a year or so later, sitting on a dull quiet Friday night, I watched again, and this time I was hooked. Who needs to have a date on Friday, I have The X-Files

Then the movie came out, and well, it's all history. The X-Files suddenly was a part of my life, helping to connect to my daughter. We dedicated ourselves to watching every episode over dinner, and even when she moved to her own apartment, Sunday's was our time. Even to this day, when the movie or dvd's on the sale rack, I have this almost uncontrollable urge to save them! I love all the episodes.

What I found in The X-Files was that being different was ok, that love can be had without spilling it out all over the place, that friends are important. I got my first computer, and with that, wanted everything about it to reflect the show. So I searched the internet for wallpapers and information. I found so many like myself, and then I found out I could make my own wallpapers. Photoshop Heaven! What a challenge, what a joy! So with the hot summer nights on my hands, I practiced and practiced. This wallpaper is my favorite, because one, I don't know how I did it, and it grabbed the X-Files feel.