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oona 02/2005

collage If you think about it, you associate colors with artists. For Oona, I have always thought of brown. Beautiful, warm, powerful shades of brown. Whether capturing pain, laughter, or an XF episode, her collages draw you in to the message she's portraying and don't let you go. She has a blending style I envy and collages that I never tire of viewing... they will always capture my heart!

The thumbnails below will take you to my personal favorites of her X-Files art... it's very hard to pick just one favorite. Mine? Innocente ... I get lost in it. Thank you for the privilege of showing off your art, my friend! *hugs*

Cry Don't Let Go Downfall Fallen Angel Hunter Innocente Snow on Sahara Teliko The Sixth Extinction Wetwired What Is This Love Without You Won't Walk Away X-Files 2 You Don't