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tribute to debbie 05/2007

collage Debbie, aka Devra Lee Campbell, was a very dear friend of mine. We spent many hours sharing our love of the X-Files and the most romantic show ever shown on tv, Beauty and the Beast. Debbie was the ultimate romantic in her artistry and I hope you enjoy her collages for these two tv shows. You can't mistake her collages... you can't deny how amazingly beautiful they are.

My favorite of hers has always been Moments of Silence. But then I mentioned a beautiful song to her that I had heard one day while listening to a John Denver concert. The next thing I knew, I received For You in my mailbox. Now I have two favorites. Because that's who Debbie was... she was always there for her friends, always thinking of them. She is missed by us every single day. *forever hugs* my friend.

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