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Dream Awards

The Dream Awards was a special contest held in January/February from 2002 thru 2005. They were special in that you could only submit artwork that had already been made in the year prior to their being held... new art was not required nor accepted.

They were also unique in that you could enter as many categories as you wanted, but no artist could win more than once for all of them. The number of awards per category was based on the number of entries so you're going to see some with a lot of winners.

There were anywhere from 3 to 5 categories that eventually branched out to more than just X-Files art. They were my favorite contests to hold; I prepared months in advance for them.

2001 - msr/shippy

thumbnail 1st place · Mels · collage
2nd place · Linzee · collage
3rd place · Kim · collage
4th place Magda · collage · see the award

2001 - david/mulder

thumbnail 1st place · Rose · collage
2nd place · Megan · collage
3rd place · Sam · collage
4th place · Neige · collage · see the award

2001 - gillian/scully

thumbnail 1st place · Ririn · collage
2nd place · Eve · collage
3rd place · Shawen · collage
4th place · Mike · collage · see the award

2001 - general x-files

thumbnail 1st place · Tere · collage
2nd place · Shannon · collage
3rd place · Sandee · collage
4th place · Mango · collage · see the award