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♥ christmas day

And the dreaded day is finally upon us... yes, we close this year's calendar today. But the good news is that you get two collages... first is an awesome one from Jill and the second piece of gorgeousness is from Leiascully. Many, many thanks to the wonderful artists who helped me bring this calendar to you once more, and my best wishes to everyone for a very Merry Christmas!

♥ 24th december

A very Merry Christmas Eve to all! Today we'll take our last little jaunt to a beautiful piece of art offsite. This one was done for a fanfic called Parabiosis written by Penumbra. If you haven't read it, google it... it's out there because after discovering this piece of art I just had to read the story. The artist is known to all of us... her name is Scooly and I know you'll enjoy the amazing drawing.

♥ 23rd december

Good morning everyone! Songs have always been an inspiration for me and today's collage is no different. The lyrics are from a song Rod Stewart sang on his latest album. Yes, he's still making them. :) For couples young and old, I hope you enjoy A friend for life. Only 2 days til Christmas...

♥ 22nd december

Look at me updating early, lol, before I go to bed. Wonders will never cease. The calendar's almost over so I thought I'd play a little bit and see what I could come up with. So today you get a really simple one from me and if you have a large screen like I do, here's the original size. Hope it brightens your day!

♥ 21st december

So it's the first day of winter... I could've swore it started 3 weeks ago, lol. We're headed to the store for some necessities today as it's supposed to be a toasty 29 degrees. Your beautiful art for today is from Jen ... only 4 days left. Enjoy!

♥ 20th december

Sorry guys... was up early and out of the house all day so I'm a bit late here. We're going traveling again... are you guys enjoying these? I hope so cuz today's is from tshasteen ... tell me this doesn't look incredibly real! It's truly amazing how one little tv show inspired so many wonderful artists.

♥ 19th december

Only 6 more days and this calendar will come to an end... why does December always seem to go by so darn fast? Today is my usual day on the calendars and I wanted to see if I could make something special this year. So fasten your seat belts because I made a scroll... yikes! It's quite large so you'll have the option to open it 2 different ways. It's a tribute to all the artists and I hope it brings back lots of memories for you. The usual javascript window and the new window. With the exception of one or two, brushes are again from Differentxdreamz. Huge hugs to Mel for coming to visit... I've missed you!

♥ 18th december

If you were around in the old days, you'll remember this artist quite well. We're continuing with our external links, and the impeccable drawing is from Terry. I'm so glad that her art is still around online... browse a bit while you're there! Enjoy!

♥ 17th december

All that holiday shopping and fighting the crowds got you down? Is the weather gloomy and cold? Well, today's gorgeousness from Memento should cheer you right up and have you feeling better in no time. I know it brightened my day. Enjoy!

♥ 16th december

So Mother Nature just continues to play games this month... more snow on the way with freezing rain mixed in between just for fun. Darn, had to cancel our little family get-together tomorrow for my hubby's birthday and that sucks! But back to the calendar... continuing with our external links, we have an awesome drawing from SoulDreamX guaranteed to bring back memories of the good old days. Stay warm guys! And thank you wabbit for boosting my confidence! *hugs*

♥ 15th december

The temperature outside is 2 degrees and I'm tired of winter already! Once Christmas is over, I'm going to be ready for summer, lol. Today was a busy day and I missed my update... sorry about that. So for yesterday we have another outside link for you... I remember this incredible artist from the old days, maybe you will too. Her name is Megan and her art is called Supernatural. If I remember correctly, her birthday is on the 18th, so an early Happy Birthday Megan!

I'm trying to play with this new Photoshop as much as I can before my free trial runs out, and to be honest, I'm way out of my comfort mode with it. The retina display my Mac has is totally awesome for most things, but a 1200x1200 image in Photoshop looks like a postage stamp! So I have to zoom 200% just to be able to see anything, lol. Anyway, I guess I'll just have to keep practicing. So yep, today's collage is from me ... I hope it looks ok.

♥ 13th december

My sister-in-law lives in sunny Florida and since it's a balmy 11 degrees outside, I sure wish I was visiting her there right now. I'm afraid this cold weather hitting us so early in the season doesn't bode well for January thru March. I think I'd rather have a foot of snow than this darn cold. Today's quick throw-together is from me ... like I said before, I am a bit rusty. Stay warm peeps!

♥ 12th december

Well, the time away was far shorter than I expected, and so happy that it was. The video card on the Mac finally cashed in, but I can't complain since it was the one and only problem I ever had with it. I was very, very lucky to be able to get a complete backup done, black screen and all, and everything transferred over to my new Mac perfectly. Well, almost anyway... I lost Photoshop.

Apparently when you go way back to the stone age of CS4, the backups aren't allowed to transfer the necessary files so your new computer knows that the program is yours. And without them, I can't reinstall it. So I'm using the 7 day trial version of Photoshop CC... different to say the least. But it's my only option now. At least Dreamweaver CS6 survived and is working perfectly.

Thank you all for your patience... I really appreciate it! So when you think to yourself, darn, I should backup my computer one of these days... don't wait, cuz you never know when it will just croak on you without any warning at all.

So let's catch up... for Dec. 10th a gorgeous drawing from MDiPascale; for Dec. 11th unbelievable art from Scooly; and for today, beautiful warmth from wabbit. Enjoy everyone and I'll see you tomorrow!

♥ 9th december

So sorry about the late update... today's piece is another drawing. This time it's a great rendition of Mulder from LostonWallace and there's another of Scully on the same page. Oh, to be so talented! You guys in the Chicagoland area, get out there and do your shopping today (like me) cuz there's lake effect snow coming and you just never know how much you're going to get from that! And yes, dear wabbit, I do know that you always do the 12th... it's always reserved just for you.

♥ 8th december

I haven't received any new art yet so today we'll take another stroll to one of my recent online treasure hunts. The artist's name is fishtankbabe and she created this image for Memento Mori. This is one painting I'd like to have. And yep, I reversed the order of the updates to make it easier for you guys... "No one down here but the FBI's most unwanted."

♥ 7th december

So keep in mind that I only decided to play about 4 hours ago and had no idea what I was going to do. Brushes are from Midnightstouch and Spiritsighs. And yes, you're stuck with another one from me. My husband tells me I'm weird every single day, so um, yeah. ;)

♥ 6th december

Have any of you done the family tree thing and tried to find some of your ancestors? It's my latest obsession... I'm kinda lucky in that I only have 2 countries to try and find them from: Ireland and Poland. And once you find one, you just get addicted to find more. No, I haven't come across any little grey men, or green for that matter, lol. But here's a little ancestor to put under your tree from Lois.

♥ 5th december

Today's snow was really pretty... as long as you're in the house watching it! But now there's 5 inches of it lying everywhere and it's freezing outside. No worries though... I think it's supposed to be almost 40 in a day or so and it will all melt away. So enjoy this warm beauty from northernlights1013.

♥ 4th december

Happy Sunday everyone... we're supposed to get our first snowfall of the season today. It's starting way too early for me. Today's awesomeness will open in a new window too... it's called Mulder's Christmas Tale and it's from the incomparable ♥ Jen ♥. Enjoy!

♥ 3rd december

If anyone is feeling nostalgic and wants to visit the old Advent Calendars, just head on over to Yesteryear as that's where they've all been moved to. I think I'll always be an X-Files fan no matter what twists and turns Chris Carter puts us through, so I wander around the web a lot searching for X-Files stuff. There are so many philes out there that I've never even met... one of them is who I'll be featuring for today's little goody. Her name is Silraen and she created Walking After You for a 2010 Charity project. I think it's the best rendition of that scene that I've ever seen so I wanted to share it with you for today's Calendar piece. Enjoy!

♥ 2nd december

There's someone new to the Calendar this year, so I hope you'll join me in giving a warm welcome to ♥ Nanna ♥. She sent me two images of a drawing that she did, and yes, she is very talented! The images are large so they will each open in a separate window for you to enjoy... #1 and #2. Aren't they just awesome? ♥ Leiascully ♥, my warmest thanks... I'm glad you liked it. :)

By the way, if you need the link to this page, here ya go - I can't believe I forgot to post it, lol!

♥ 1st december

Welcome to the 2016 Advent Calendar... I hope we can bring some cheer to your holiday season. I'm not making a calendar page this year so all images will be linked from the updates here. And for the opening day, you're stuck with me ... just remember that I haven't made an actual collage in 2 years so I'm a bit rusty. And this isn't really a collage since I only used one image. *g* The screencap came from The X Files - I Still Believe and the brushes that I used are from Midnightstouch and Differentxdreamz. It felt great working on a collage again... I just may try another. ♥ Annamarie ♥, thanks so much for stopping by!

♥ 30th november

The Advent Calendar opens tomorrow... are you as excited as I am? There's 25 days to fill so if anyone would like to participate with us, just drop me an email. I have things planned for days when I don't receive a collage and I think you'll enjoy them.

Yep, I borrowed the taggie from Atiad so it doesn't quite match the colors on this layout. ;) See you tomorrow...