August 14th, 2016

Advent Calendars are meant to be enjoyed in December... one day at a time. The anticipation and discovery of what's behind each date is where the enjoyment lies. Since this calendar is almost 5 years old, there's no way you could appreciate the excitement the way we did back then. But maybe I can improvise...

Back then, my daily updates always listed the artist of the day and linked directly to the Calendar page. That way you could find the specific date and open up the new collage. But since the calendar is already over... years over, lol... where's the excitement, the anticipation, and the enjoyment of the Calendar itself if all you have to do is go to the now completed calendar page and open up each and every collage? Yeah, it's easy... it's simple... but you'd never know who we were (if you're a new phile) or relive the memories if you're an old one.

So when I decided to give the Calendars their own space online, I thought I'd try and make it possible for you to experience them the way we did. The Advent Calendar page is still there, just so you can see what it looked like back then, and so is the completed one. The only difference is that the collages are no longer linked on them. Nope, you'll have to go through and read each day's update in order to open up that day's collage. Awww, I sure am a meanie huh? *g*

17 dedicated and talented artists participated in this year's Advent Calendar, and hundreds of people visited on a daily basis. I can't recreate the taggie cuz it's long gone, but maybe you'll recognize some names while reading the updates, or remember a collage or two that you've seen before. If you've never been here before, then you're in for a real treat!

This year marked the 10th Anniversary of the Calendar so there's lots of extra goodies for you in the upcoming pages!

Ready? Then come with me to The 2011 X-Files Advent Calendar. Enjoy!