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August 2016

My main site, At Times... I Almost Dream, came online on August 12th, 2000... 16 years ago. And in all my wildest dreams, I never thought it would still be here. It was created as a place where I could house my X-Files related collages, but it became much more than that. In the early years I met so many wonderful artists whose talent far surpassed what I was capable of, and I so wanted to be a part of their online family. During the course of 13 years, the site sponsored 25 monthly collage contests, 4 years of Dream Awards, and 9 years of Advent Calendars.

Today most of those artists are no longer online, no longer creating any X-Files art. So my site has sort of become an archive for the beautiful artwork they left behind. But with over 4,800 files and directories amounting to 392mb of disk space, the site has just over-loaded Dreamweaver every time I opened it up. So I decided to create an actual home for all of the archived work that I have.

Many years ago, The X-Files was the hottest show on television with millions of fans that made it so. I believe those X-Philes should be remembered, not because the show created a phenomenon but because they did. And while we're celebrating those philes, we'll celebrate the show too.

Yesteryear began as a way to free up some space on At Times... I Almost Dream. It ended up being the archive I'd always wanted to create for the philes from all those years ago. The site won't be updated unless aliens invade us and someone creates some more X-Files art for me to archive, lol. And no, the thought of just taking down all those collages was never an option.

Some of my work is archived here as well... all site graphics unless otherwise specified, awards that I created, and of course, in the calendars. The links above and to the left will all open to pages on this site except for the Calendars. They all have their own special sites but there's a link on the bottom of their pages to return here if you'd like.

This site is dedicated to all X-Philes everywhere... new and old. If you've stumbled upon this archive, I do hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions, or just want to say hi, drop me a line anytime! I'm always around...